My first Ubuntu Party

Ubuntu Party 10.10 installLast weekend there was an Ubuntu Party 10.10 in Paris. This was the first time for me on the role of the big chief to organize this event. Everything went well, and I had a lot of positive feedback, and some remarks to improve the event for the next time. Of course, I am not alone, and I could count on great people to prepare everything before, and an army of volunteers from the four corners of France, and even further to ensure that everything works for the 3 days of the Ubuntu Party. I do not forget the valuable assistance of David Forgeron who works at the Carrefour Numérique and the all the people who help us at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, and who always welcome us warmly. Yes, 3 days, we are a bit crazy, but it's worth it.

Ubuntu Party 10.10 groupeIf I count correctly, between the excellent speakers that we had, the associations who support us like April, Mozilla, Wikimédia, Bépo, La Quadrature du Net, Framasoft, In Libro Veritas and Parinux, OxyRadio who covered the event, and the volunteers, on the weekend it must have been around 150 people who are there to help present Ubuntu and the free softwares to the visitors. This time, we have counted around 3000 visitors on the 3 days. It's less than the last editions, you can see that, but for my first time, it's a good number, and surprisingly, the Sunday registered more visitors than the Saturday, it was the opposite in the last editions. I'm sure, for the next time, we break the record.

Ubuntu Party 10.10 LunchThe Friday went well, like a crowded Premier Samedi du libre, but with conferences, perhaps a bit calm on the conferences, we have to work on this point. The Saturday was more like the other times and the actual theme Science Fiction in the venue was perfect. The Saturday night, after taking a picture of the team, we finished on a Korean restaurant. Finally, the Sunday, went well like the Saturday but with more visitors. The day and the party finished on the conference of Benjamin Baillart from FDN which lasted an hour longer with a full room. After cleaning the spaces, we finished at the restaurant, exhausted.

The date for the next Ubuntu Party 11.04 is Paris is fixed to May 2011, the 27th, 28th and 29th. We'll try to reach again a different kind of visitors on the Friday, and particularly students to make them aware of the free culture.

You can see below some of the pictures from the event where I pick up my illustrations.

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